Our Services

Wheatland provides many services that ease the burden of the association’s board members and provides quality and consistency in management that contributes to the enjoyment of your community. This in turn adds value to the association as a whole. Wheatland serves as the managing agent for numerous homeowner associations in the area. Managing HOAs is all we do! Our services enhance the ability for your association to operate in a professional manner by assisting the elected leadership in fulfilling the obligations set forth in their governing documents.
  • Dues Collection
  • Budget Preparation & Financial Management
  • Service Contract Negotiation & Monitoring
  • Assistance and Training with Meeting Planning and Presentation
  • Membership Records & Mailings
  • Specialized Repair & Maintenance Services
Our goal as managing agent is to help you achieve a smooth-running association.

Our Goal

Our goal as managing agent is to help you achieve a smooth-running association. An association that the owners enjoy living in. An association where property values increase. An association that is well maintained and well organized. A good property management company can greatly assist your association in achieving these goals. This is also accomplished by having wonderful dedicated volunteers that serve on your board. And of course, none of this is possible without all the members of your association who contribute through equal participation in dues and special assessments. The level of participation by the membership dictates the quality of services that can be provided.

Each community is unique; therefore, our services are customized to meet the specific needs of the association and fees correspond to the level of service provided.